Welcome to the 388th CS/FWP, we understand your time is valuable and as such are committed to providing you up to date information to keep you in the know.  Our calendar reflects important events, as well as information regarding National, Wing and Group events. 


While we strive to keep our calendar up to date with relevant information, it is critical that you attend meetings regularly to ensure you are receiving updates and important information.  Additionally, members should update their personal calendars as soon as the information is presented. 

Patients of Cadets:

We know that there is nothing more frustrating than finding out something is happening at the last minute.  While this program strives to teach leadership and responsibility, there are times where your cadet will not hear what they heard.  While it is important to let your cadets make their own mistakes, there is some information that is time sensitive and requires either signatures or input from you.  Please check this calendar regularly to make sure you are up do date on these items.