Are you interested in serving and becoming a leader in your community, state and nation?

Then rise to the challenge and become a part of something that will help shape and prepare you for your future.  Become a cadet in the U.S. Air Force Auxiliary, Civil Air Patrol.

Cadet Programs is one of the three key missions of the Civil Air Patrol with its year-round focus on engaging Americas youth.  Often cited as “the safest place to fail” Cadet Programs provides cadets with the tools necessary to face challenges, overcome obstacles, and develop and apply leadership skills that will help them succeed throughout their lives.   

In addition to leadership, Cadet Programs affords it cadets the ability to explore various career avenues in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) through its Aerospace Education Program.  Programs such as Cyberpatriot, Medical Orientation and Training School, Communications, and Emergency Services provide cadets with the opportunity to apply these skills in a practical environment in order to foster a passion of life long learning. 
The Civil Air Patrol is an all-volunteer auxiliary of the United States Air Force, and its personnel are under no military contract or obligation.  In order to become a cadet, you must be at least 12 years of age, and under the age of 19.  So, if your ready to rise to the challenge we have a place for you. 

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