So, you want to join Civil Air Patrols Cadet Programs?

Starting a new journey can be challenging and sometimes overwhelming, don’t fret we have a plan that will get you off to a “Great Start.” The TX-388th CS is committed to providing prospective cadets with the tools necessary to be successful in the CAP Cadet Programs. 

While prospective cadets can visit the unit at any time and are encouraged to do so, new cadet training cycle begin at the first meeting of the every month. This allows the 388th to arm you with the tools necessary to get off on the right foot. 

The new cadet training cycle typically begins on physical training (PT) night, giving prospective cadets the opportunity to participate in physical training and challenging team building activities.  These activates are geared towards unit morale and esprit de corps and will allow new members the chance to interact with all personnel in a more relaxed atmosphere. 

Civil Air Patrol requires regular attendance and participation in the unit, so before you can join you will need to attend three meetings where you will be exposed to a variety of training to ensure you are ready to be a part of this organization.  Once you have completed the new cadet training, you will be sworn in a member of the Fort Worth Phoenix Composite Squadron.